Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Campaign Website

Virgin Atlantic released a campaign which encourages the travellers to “Let It Fly” with a dynamic website and mobile experience I designed.

Virgin Atlantic is encouraging travellers to follow their dreams and inspirations. The new campaign, created by Adam&EveDDB London takes the airline in a new direction with a focus on its customers, encouraging them to “Let it Fly”. The agency teamed up with Acne Production to build an interactive website, Let It Fly, that lets users customize the contents of their suitcase and discover a dream trip based on the items they chose to pack.

To pack a bag for your own potential dream holiday, scroll down and tap an item on the screen to change it or select an arrow to change the entire theme. Once you have selected the best items for your suitcase the platform will then analyse your items and choose your perfect destination. The site picks the perfect destination, and comes up with mini travel videos that suggests an itinerary, including places to eat and tourist attractions, based on the items you chose. Videos start with the current temperature in your location.

Each video creates a personal itinerary, which includes a specific restaurant with even the perfect dish to order and things to do in the city including daytime and nightlife ideas. The Let it Fly experience is further personalized with curated videos of live tweets and Flickr images from venues and local attractions.

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