IKEA Lattjo

IKEA Lattjo

Lattjo is an app and a digital platform built on the basis of a visual world that is designed for both children and adults to play more together. The app, which is in the shape of a high tower contains a number of different rooms where you challenge-, building stories- and play music together.

The app is IKEA’s first digital product for the Lattjo collection and is available from Google Play and App Store. The game has also been given its own scoring system (Togetherness points) as award all play together with more points.

As part of the LATTJO collection, Children’s IKEA will be going digital for the first time ever. Based on the research study we did on the subject of play, we know that parents and children want to spend more time together playing. But things like work schedules, living situations and distance often seem to get in the way.

That’s when we realised how valuable a digital space for social play would be if you weren’t always physically with the people you love playing with the most. The app we created consists of different rooms where you can create stories, play music or give each other small challenges to complete.

But it’s not meant to be played alone! All the games depend on collaboration and togetherness. So the more you play together, the more togetherness points you get. We hope this app for playing together even when you’re apart will help turn waiting times into playtimes. And make all those miles in between feel much shorter. For kids and grown-ups.

App developed by ACNE for IKEA, all rights reserved.