Climbing Vibes

Climbing Vibes

Fall has arrived. Temperatures have dropped, leaves carpet the forest floor, and climbers are out in droves. This film of Chironico, near Ticino, Switzerland, captures a central attraction to bouldering: climbing in a pristine location with undivided attention to movement over rock.

xavier del pozo
sira echevarría
pablo garcía
florian kalinke
manuel lópez
alex sánchez
emilio yángüez

remembering light
by palmer taylor

chironico, switzerland
46°25’30”N 08°50’40”E

1:11 matusalem 6c+
1:21 la baronessa 6a
1:28 gschirrlade 6b
1:46 cubitus 6b
2:05 blocco n.4 6b+
2:21 vitruvia man 7a/7c
3:10 doctor pinch 8a+