Brand Us

Brand Us

ADC Award 2017 – BRONZE

Every year two young creatives from Switzerland are given the opportunity to be guest jurors at the ADC of Europe. This year it’s us. Jackpot. Unfortunately we can’t simply go there. First we have to master the «Greatness Challenge». It states that we have to finance our trip to the award show in Barcelona by crowdfunding. Damn.

Our idea: Since we have nothing to offer but ourselves we sell our bodies. No, not like that but as ad space. These unique ad spaces can be booked right now, right here. And you can submit whatever you want: a Logo, a narcissistic self-portrait or a job offer. Whatever, really. Be creative and become a part of our journey.

All ad messages submitted until September 25th 2016 will be tattooed on our skin by Giahi Tattoo Studio in Zürich using the temporary Jagua tattoo method. Sorry, the tattoos won’t be there for eternity. But at least for two weeks. This means your message will be seen in Switzerland and at the ADC of Europe in Barcelona. If you want to gain special attention you can book one of the more expensive and therefore more prominent spots. Or you could just book several tattoos.

Note: The booking defines the body part but not the exact location. E.g. if you book the lower arm your tattoo can end up on the right or the left lower arm. The size of your tattoo will be 60×60 mm. This means that depending on the body part several tattoos can be booked.

About your canvases: Sandy Pfuhl and Edoardo Moruzzi both work as Junior art directors at Publicis Switzerland. Sandy, born and raised in small Saarland, Germany, found her way to Zurich after stops in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Edoardo, born in South Tirol, was drawn to Switzerland by his passion for climbing. Not only did he find the mountains but also mountains of work.

Together they’ve won this years ADC Young Creatives Award in Switzerland and shared the honor of representing our country at the Young Lions Competition in Cannes. Which in turn is why they were given this opportunity to jury at the ADC of Europe in Barcelona. Let’s see if they can actually make it there.