Dolomites Crossing by Adriano Rossato
Dynafit SPEED Mountain GORE-TEX® Shoe
Brand Us ADC*E Greatness Challenge
CopaCalanda Concept & Design for a microsite.
IKEA Lattjo app A visual world designed for children and adults
Good Vibes Concept App



Photographer, Art Director, Life enthusiast

I’m an eclectic life-explorer, professional photographer since 2008, high-tech addict and free-climber. My study background consists in corporate law and communication design. I believe that at the source of creativity lies diversity – I have always looked for new ways to reinterpret myself and like to get out of my comfort zone. Being very curious, I feel the urge to learn and discover new things every day. I’m a creative problem solver and for me the word “impossible” is just a challenge to be tackled: there always is a solution or an alternative, the only issue is finding it out. 
As a photographer, I have developed a strong sensibility in evaluating images and videos. My clients have praised me for my ability to transmit real emotions through my photographs.
At the moment I’m working as a freelancer in the heart of the Dolomites, Italy.


I’m based in Bozen, but I often travel. No corner of the globe is too remote.